Conergy Framing Systems


conergy mount system 150x80 Conergy Framing SystemsWhen choosing the components of your system everything counts, from the correct inverter to high-performance solar modules. One component is particularly important: the correct mounting system. It secures the valuable solar modules in both the wind and the rain. And this has a direct influence on the longevity of the system.

Conergy mounting systems: maximum convenience for straightforward, secure and fast assembly. Largely pre-assembled and prefabricated frames, flexible systems and innovative details. All this facilitates work in real-world conditions. With just one goal: to reduce installation costs – for systems that pay off.

Both installers and system operators alike rely on tried-and-tested Conergy quality. As one of the leading suppliers of solar mounting systems, we know what we are talking about: Conergy mounting systems are among the top-selling photovoltaics mounting systems worldwide.

Conergy is focused on safety and with our products; the installer and the end customer are always on the safe side. Conergy mounting systems are secure and of particularly high-quality, manufactured exclusively from aluminium and stainless steel to meet the highest demands for longevity and stability. All of our frames are statically checked by our experts before delivery
(DIN 1055) – a service provided by Conergy for maximum safety for installers

Quick and easy installation:

  • Time savings from the high level of preassembled components
  • Time savings thanks to an extremely accurate design without requiring custom cutting
  • Only a single tool is necessary to fit the Conergy SunTop to the roof
  • Patented QuickStone technology
  • Easy to access all components and connections

Maximum flexibility:

  • Fits on any type of roofing with a roof pitch of up to 60°
  • Compatible with virtually all module types and installation orientations
  • Suitable for trapezoidal roofs with a bead height in excess of 20 mm

Maximum safety:

  • Use of high-quality materials
  • High corrosion resistance ensures maximum service life
  • Individual stability and structural analyses in accordance with local regulations and standards