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Batteries for Solar System

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Batteries for Solar System

Or if you don’t have solar power yet, then make the decision and install a battery solar system with 5 kw of solar panels for way less than people were paying for a 2 kw solar system 6 years ago.

With many homes on the Gold Coast are now enjoying roof top solar systems and the benefits that come along with it you can now understand that it’s possible to maximise your solar usage even further and make extra reductions to your electricity consumption and bills.

With most homes usually consuming the largest amount of electricity at night, take a moment to imagine how good it would be, if you could store your excess solar energy from the day and then use it in the evenings.
If you are one of the clients who missed out on the 44 cent rebate then.

Well, we have some great news; you don’t need to imagine how good it would be, because GCE can make it a reality.

By installing a solar battery system, you can store your solar power, further reduce your power bills and gain more energy independence.

A solar battery system will also provide you with an uninterruptible power system, so that if an outage occurs, your system automatically switches to the battery supply for continuous power.

If you have solar panels on your roof, but don’t have a strong feed-in tariff, or your panels were installed after the Solar Bonus Scheme closed to new applicants, batteries are a more profitable option for you. A GCE technician can expertly install a solar battery system onto an existing solar system; however it is a requirement the system is a minimum 3kw.

If you do not have solar panels, but it is something you are considering, we highly recommend you consider a solar battery system as well. The amount of solar PV and battery capacity you should get will depend on your goals and your budget. GCE are leaders in our field and can assess your needs and provide a competitive quote.

Now is the perfect time to start making the most of your solar power system, call us on 5525 2111 for more information or an obligation free quote.