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Why You Need to Consider Commercial Solar

  • Posted by: Nicole
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Solar Power Panels


Still on the fence about moving your organisation’s premises to solar power? With energy costs on the rise and the environment in the public spotlight, there’s never been a better time to make this smart shift. Here are the key reasons 2016 should be the year that you hook your business up with a solar power system.

Save Money

As with any household, a key advantage for an office or commercial building to go solar is the reduction of operating costs. Almost every business relies on a large number of electrical appliances, from computers and air conditioners to printers and phone systems. So, naturally, most companies are forced to budget for significant power bills.

Investing in solar can massively reduce the impact of these expenses, giving you more resources to spend elsewhere in your business (or simply leaving you with less wasted profits). For example, if your business currently spends $10,000 each year on electricity, you could save approximately:

  • $3,200/year with a 10kw system
  • $4,800/year with a 15kw system
  • $9,600/year with a 30kw system.

Your system could pay for itself within a matter of a few years, after which you can start making a significant return on your solar investment.

Depending on applicable feed-in tariffs, you may even be able to make money through your solar power system – contact us for details about this.

Claim it on Tax

If your business is small (i.e. turnover of less than $2m per year), the temporary allowance of immediate tax deductions on $20,000-or-less expenses could apply to your energy investment. This is yet another fantastic incentive to move to solar power this year.

Go Green

Your employees care about the planet. Your customers care about the planet. And you most likely do too! Choosing renewable energy for your business is a great way to enhance internal and external perceptions of your organisation – plus, it’s just genuinely a positive thing to do. When making the eco-friendly shift to solar, don’t forget to consider what PR and marketing opportunities you might be able to leverage.

Get Solar for Your Business Today

Trust Gold Coast Energy to set up your solar power quickly and affordably. Call our solar specialists on 07 5525 2111 so you can start soaking up the sunshine sooner rather than later.