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Commercial Solar Benefits with Gold Coast Energy

Take advantage of the longer daylight hours that Queensland has to offer. By investing in solar energy, your business will save money by reducing energy costs. Benefits that Gold Coast Energy can provide your business include:

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Installing a solar power system can reduce and even eliminate your businesses electricity bill. These savings can impact your business in tremendous ways.

Good Return on Investment

  • As technology advances, utilising solar energy is an intelligent investment for businesses. Investing in solar energy will generate long-term savings and a manageable payback period.

Maintenance Free and Reliable

  • Solar energy systems require little maintenance once installed. With most systems only requiring cleaning once a year, enjoy hassle-free solar power with Gold Coast Energy.

Earning the “Green” Label

  • By investing in renewable energy, highlight to your consumers that you are passionate about combating global warming. Going green can serve as a helpful marketing or PR tool.
Commercial Solar Installation Gold Coast Energy

We Focus on a Number of Different Commercial Energy Features

  • Our Commercial Solar Systems can help you increase efficiency for air conditioning systems without the added cost of installing new equipment
  • Let us install your energy management system, utilizing the latest smart technology and intelligent energy reduction
  • We provide Energy audits to determine the most cost effective and efficient way of reducing your electricity expenses


Make the Switch to Solar with Gold Coast Energy

An important consideration is that Gold Coast Energy saves you money right now on your electricity expenses.

Over the past 12 months, Gold Coast Energy have installed over 100′s of Solar Power installations which in simple terms means we are the Gold Coast’s best asset in fighting Green house emissions. View the quality of our work in our Installation Portfolio and follow us on www.facebook.com/gcenergy

We have helped save 275,176 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere on-going each year, and saved the need to generate 42,157,501 kWh of energy, reducing demand on our power infrastructure or enough power to power 7,200 houses. Let us help your business and promote Sustainable Energy Together.