Benefits for Business


We specialise in saving Businesses money, by reducing their electricity expenses. Having installed megawatts of Commercial and Residential since 2008, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with an outstanding Solar Experience.

As a bonus, by installing Solar, your Business can promote how it is a “Green Business”.

We focus on a number of different commercial energy features

  • We can help you increase efficiency for air conditioning systems without the added cost of installing new equipment
  • Let us install your energy management system, utilizing the latest smart technology and intelligent energy reduction
  • We provide Energy audits to determine the most cost effective and efficient way of reducing your electricity expenses

Commercial solar benefits with Gold Coast Energy

An important consideration is that Gold Coast Energy saves you money right now on your electricity expenses.

Over this past 12 months, Gold Coast Energy have installed over 100′s of Solar Power installations which in simple terms means we are the Gold Coast’s best asset in fighting Green house emissions. View the quality of our work in our Installation Portfolio and follow us on


We have helped save 275,176 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere on-going each year, and saved the need to generate 42,157,501 kWh of energy, reducing demand on our power infrastructure or enough power to power 7,200 houses.

What Customers are saying about Gold Coast Energy

"Very professional job, the workers cleaned up as they went, were polite and very friendly. Would have no problem recommending Gold Coast Energy to anyone who is after a quality system. Nice to see that there are still companies out there who provide excellent service, right through from the sales people, tradesmen and office staff."

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