Gold Coast Energy is proud to be a service partner of Fronius. We only work with the best solar system supplies available, and the products from this company meet our benchmarks every time. Here’s an overview of Fronius and a look at why our services and their products are a winning combination for Australian homes.

Fronius: A History of Excellence

The company’s first Australian branch (based in Melbourne) was founded in 2010, but Fronius International has been innovating and developing advanced technology since its inception in 1945. Originally launched in Pettenbach, Austria, the now-worldwide company first focused on welding technology – a field in which they quickly became recognised as leaders.

Fronius broadened its attention to include solar electronics in 1995, with the launch of a grid-connected inverter called ‘Sunrise’. Since then, the company has continued to impress customers in Austria, Australia and many other countries with its continuously improving and always high-quality solar products.


Fronius’s Solar Products

Fronius manufactures a large and diverse range of grid-connected solar inverters. With various sizes, capacities and designs available, they feature the ideal product for just about any residential or commercial solar requirements. From the lightweight and flexible Symo model to the reliable and earnings-focused IG Plus machine, there really is a Fronius inverter to suit any Gold Coast Energy customer – and we love servicing devices from this brand!

Thanks to the company’s generous warranties (generally 10 years), services we perform for their inverters often cost nothing to the customer. With high durability and great efficiency, we don’t hesitate to recommend Fronius inverters to new or repeat customers.

What Customers are saying about Gold Coast Energy

"First contact was friendly, informative & not “pushy” allowed me time to consider my options. Installers arrived at designated appointment time and knew what they were doing, explaining problems I had with my solar system. They also noticed some issues with my Hot Water service, which I was very grateful for. Again very informative and polite."

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