Part 2: Choosing a Solar Installer (A Beginner’s Guide)

Gold Coast Energy Blog Part 2 Choosing an Installer - Beginners Guide

Part 2: Choosing a Solar Installer (A Beginner’s Guide)

In Part 1 of our beginner’s guide, we discussed the benefits of installing Solar Power. In this section, we’ll focus on another important aspect, “Choosing a Solar Installer.”

Part 2

How to Choose a Solar Installer

The Australian rooftop solar industry is a multi-billion dollar sector, consequently many companies are vying for your business. Knowing how to choose a reputable solar company is an important part of your solar journey.

The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct helps consumers choose a retailer that is committed to offer a high level of quality and service. Selecting an approved solar retailer is one way to make sure you are dealing with a company that prides itself on being an industry leader.

GC Energy is proudly certified by the Clean Energy Council and the Accredited Master Electricians. We are a Tesla Authorised Installer and Certified Retailer.

GC Energy have been installing and servicing roof top solar systems in SE Qld and Northern NSW for over 8 years. For this reason, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the most reputable and established solar companies in Australia.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service and results is why our customers keep referring us to their friends, family and other businesses. We welcome you to visit our testimonial page to hear from members of the community.

Finally, now that you have chosen your installer, what size system should you choose?

The size of your solar PV system will depend on:

  • What portion of your household electrical consumption you wish to generate
  • The amount of unshaded area is available for the installation of your panels
  • Your budget

In our opinion, a general rule to follow is to match your system size with your household consumption. However, our team of qualified, experienced and certified professionals will visit your home and design a system that will best suit your household.

The Installation Process

At this point, after you choose your system, we can finalise your contract and finances. We will then book your solar installation accordingly, for a time that suits you. The installation process usually takes one day. Our technicians will require access to an internal roof access for approximately 30 minutes. You will be provided with all the necessary documentation on the scheduled day. This includes documentation you require for warranty and a system user’s manual.

In addition, we will arrange connection of your solar system. As a result, this includes preparing and submitting relevant documentation required by your electricity retailer for meter installation and connection to the network.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in our Beginners Guide to Solar Series!

Furthermore, if you would like a free assessment and quote or have any questions regarding solar for your home or business, please contact us on 5559 4700 or click here.

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