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Maximise the energy efficiency of your home

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Saving energy around your home is the best way to keep electricity bills in check. It is much simpler than most people think to cut their power bill down. By reducing your power use (especially your daytime use) you can maximize your solar return from the QLD feed in tariff and enjoy the sight of a reduced bill at the end of the quarter.  Make energy saving fun! Get the kids involved!

When Gold Coast Energy conducts energy audits for our customers, most of the time they cannot understand why their electricity bill is so high. Through analyzing the appliance range of the customer as well as their power use habits, we can advise customers of exactly what they need to change to maximize their power savings.

The top seven things you can do to save energy at home are:

1. Switch off second fridges and freezers wherever possiblePower Bill For Home

2. Set air-conditioners to 24 degrees in summer or better still, use ceiling fans instead

3. Use a low-flow showerhead to save hot water and energy

4. Switch appliances off at the wall to cut out standby power

5. Install energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

6.  Install solar electricity panels and solar hot water system if you haven’t already

7. Insulate your home keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter

We all know we need to use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs as they use five times less energy. However, some of your home’s electrical appliances are also using much more energy than you might think. For example, when measured against energy use by compact fluorescent light bulbs, a Sony PlayStation 3 would use the same amount of energy as 38 light bulbs. A 106cm plasma TV would use the same as 50 light bulbs; while leaving a hair straightening iron on would be the same as turning 125 light bulbs on all at once.

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