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Powerwall battery for Solar : The Next Big Thing in Solar Energy

  • Posted by: Nicole
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Powerwall Battery

With installations of the Tesla Battery set to begin in February, it won’t be long before many Australian households are enjoying the benefits of having a Battery as part of their solar power system. You can read more about Tesla in our previous blog post about them.

The Gold Coast Energy team is looking forward to being one of Australia’s first provider and installers of the Powerwall. This battery enables solar power to be absorbed during the day for use at night, solving the dilemma of home electricity demand being much higher during non-daylight hours. The Powerwall is available in a 7 kWh model, which stores power on a day-to-day basis, and a 10 kWh unit, which can keep stored energy available for a week.

Huge Demand

By August last year, 6 months prior to its release, the Tesla Powerwall was already massively popular. It had 100,000 reservations, with a total value of $1.4 billion AUD. While these figures are based on reservations rather than actual sales, they still reveal just how much of a game changer this device is going to be. Tesla executives have stated they expect the business will be making 5-10 more sales in 2017 compared to 2016; the future is certainly bright for this forward-thinking company.

Powerwall Benefits

The Powerwall is much more than a clever long-term investment that reduces your household’s carbon footprint. This battery truly maximises the effectiveness of your solar panels, allowing you to power your home when you need to – not just when the sun’s out.

Your Powerwall can also act as a reliable backup source of power in case of a blackout. With the right setup in place, investing in this battery can even enable you to take your property off the power grid entirely!

Order Your Powerwall Today

If you want one of these ground-breaking devices to complement your own home’s solar power system, please get in touch. Our energy experts can answer any questions you might have and organise your installation.