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A locally owned company built on delivering innovative, energy-efficient, cost-effective solar solutions, Gold Coast Energy, is glad to announce the rollout of efficient maintenance services. With this service, a customer that needs servicing, repairing, and monitoring of their installed solar system can now get the services at affordable rates.

“With over a decade of experience in the solar energy industry, encompassing corporate, government, and utility projects, Gold Coast Energy has the knowledge and resources needed to keep solar systems running at peak performance,” said Nicole Travers-Jones, the company’s spokesperson. 

“Gold Coast Energy’s qualified teams will carry out the auditing as well as the repair, cleaning, and monitoring services required to optimize solar system performance,” she added.

Maintenance and operations are critical components of managing solar energy systems and are usually discussed before installation to ensure the long-term viability of the systems. With over 10 years of experience, Gold Coast Energy pride itself in ensuring consumers’ solar energy systems are at their best capability throughout their lifetime by offering best-in-class maintenance and monitoring solutions.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Gold Coast Energy performs scheduled cleaning and maintenance to maximize performance and protect system warranties. They also identify any fault and fix what might cause a system to fail or not perform up to expectation. 

Their maintenance services are available for all installation types, including carports, fixed-tilt ground-mount systems, rooftop systems, and ground-mount systems with single or dual-axis trackers. They also carry out servicing on all makes and models of inverters and solar panels.

Gold Coast Energy is proud to be one of the first companies in Australia to invest in a solar panel output tester. They also have access to the latest extensive diagnostic tool to provide consumers with troubleshooting solutions if their system isn’t performing as it ought to. After carrying out the diagnosis, unlike their competitors, they will recommend the best solution to restore your system instead of replacing the entire system.

Gold Coast Energy has carried out maintenance services for lots of clients and they can’t stop talking about the premium and affordable maintenance services they received from the company.

For example, Laurelle, a customer that received solar auditing & cleaning services from the company commented about their quality of service, “I would totally recommend getting Gold Coast Energy out to conduct an Audit & Clean. Even after just cleaning my panels it made a big difference. Was great that Greg explained to me how to get the best results from my solar. I will certainly be doing my washing at night time and get more KW’s back into the grid. I’m really annoyed that the company I purchased from never explained how Solar actually works. Thanks again GCE!”

Gold Coast Energy has access to extensive diagnostic tools that will help identify exactly what is wrong with your solar system. This ensures they can recommend the most effective and cost-friendly solutions to get your system up and running again.

Call 1300 663422 today to enjoy Gold Coast Energy’s flexible and cost-effective solutions that maximize and protect solar investments for years to come. For more information about this service and how it can benefit you, visit https://www.goldcoastenergy.com.au/solar-system-servicing/.

About Gold Coast Energy

Gold Coast Energy has been a locally owned solar installation company since 2008. The company pride itself on delivering outstanding service to their customers. They are committed to delivering high-quality solar systems and continuing to maintain their customers’ systems for a lifetime.


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