Solar Rebates

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Queensland & NSW both offer feed-in tariffs. Feed-in tariffs pay the owner of a solar energy power system a premium per kWh of solar electricity per hour they feed back into the grid.


There are currently two different models running in Queensland and New South Wales.


A net feed-in tariff  (QLD) pays the solar system owner a premium for excess electricity fed back into the grid by their system.


A gross feed in tariff (NSW) pays the solar system owner a premium for all electricity produced and fed back into Grid.


Queensland Solar Tariffs and Information


With QLD losing its premium .44c Feed in tariff on the 1st of July 2012, customers will gain most from their solar system by using the power they generate instead of sending it to the grid.


For Feed In Tariff QLD (net Feed In tariffs) – AS OF JULY 1st 2012: .08cents for all excess power generated from solar systems up to 5KW.  Some retailers are offering up to .16 cents.


Feed In Tariffs for NSW (gross/ net feed in tariffs) .06 cents – .08 cents for all excess power fed into the grid.


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NSW Solar Tariffs and Information


Please click on the links to view the current information from the Government webpages for your tariffs and rebate information.


Grid Connect Rebate Info
Off Grid Solar Electricity Rebate (RRPGP)


What Customers are saying about Gold Coast Energy

"Have just had a 2kW system installed on my garage by Gold Coast Energy, after being rejected by another company saying they could not do the install as my house had tin tiles. Thank goodness Gold Coast Energy made the effort to come out and come up with an easier option for us to be able to get Solar. Wonderful friendly communication and very helpful in explaining how it all works."

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