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Save Money on Your Pool with Tariff 33

  • Posted by: Nicole
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Save Money on Your Pool with Tariff 33


If your home has its own pool in the backyard, you already know this to be true: pools are expensive. Between installation, maintenance, and buying the inevitable inflatable accessories, there are plenty of costs to consider. But one pool-related expense people often don’t think about is the pump – and the significant amount it contributes to your power bills.

The Price of a Pool Pump

You may not realise it, but your pool pump could easily be one of your home’s hungriest appliances when it comes to eating up energy. The average homeowner with a pool pays between $600 and $1,200 per year to keep the pump running. When you consider that your pool goes mostly unused for 3 quarters of the year, that seems like a pretty hefty price to pay!

Save up to 80%

Luckily, there is a way to reduce these figures. By connecting to Economy Tariff 33, you can save big dollars on the running costs of your pool pump – you could see these costs reduced by up to 40%!
As an added incentive, once our electrician has connected your pool pump to Tariff 33, Energex offers you a $200 reward. For further details on this metering and your reward, refer directly to the Energex website.

Gold Coast Energy Can Connect You

Trust one of our skilled electricians to connect your pool pump to Tariff 33 so that you can save on this regular expense. Call our expert team today on 07 5525 2111 to discuss the details of this transition and to book a time. You can also contact us online if you prefer.