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LED lighting is the most efficient lighting in the market place today.

The comparasins between, Quartz-halogen, Fluoro and LED in design hours are vast.

LEDS have a design life of around 20000 hours and it makes sense to install LEDs as soon as possible if you are looking to live in your house for over 20 years.

Did you know that as of 2010 the Australian Government has enacted a law banning the sale of incandescent bulbs?

LEDs’ are the superior choice for a multitude of reasons.

  • LED’s use very little energy, often far less than the compact fluorescent bulbs that are currently being marketed as ‘energy saving’. This translates to significant savings on your power bill.
  • LED’s may last up to and in many cases beyond a staggering 50 000 hrs which means they may last 10 years even with heavy usage. This makes them much cheaper than other bulbs in the long term but also saves the time and inconvenience of having to change bulbs regularly, particularly in hard to reach places.
  • LED’s emit no UV light and are safe for people with health problems that are affected by fluorescent lights.
  • LED’s produce very little heat, greatly reducing the strain on air conditioning systems and therefore further reducing energy consumption.
  • LED’s can be retro fitted into most standard lighting fixtures.
  • LED’s emit no audible buzz that can make fluorescent bulbs very annoying and interfere with radio frequencies.
  • LED’s are mercury free, they pose no immediate threat if they are broken and they do not require hazardous waste disposal. Compact fluorescents are highly toxic if broken and should be diposed of as hazardous waste.
  • LED’s come in a huge range of styles to suit any application.
  • LED’s are shock and vibration resistant, there are no fragile filaments that can be easily damaged.

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