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Gold Coast Energy Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Make the switch and power your home using free energy! Installing a Solar PV System to your home will significantly reduce your energy bills; in fact combined with a solar battery solution, your home can become “off-grid” which means no more energy bills. Roof top solar will also reduce your carbon footprint. We understand that every home has different solar requirements, which is why we don’t offer a “one size fits all” package price.

We offer an obligation free assessment and quote. Be surprised at how easy and cheap it is to switch to solar.

Gold Coast Energy Batteries


With homes usually using more electricity at night, by installing a solar battery system you can store your solar power for when you need it most, further reduce your power bills and gain more energy independence. A solar battery system will also provide you with an uninterruptible power system, so that if an outage occurs, your system automatically switches to the battery supply for continuous power.

Solar Battery Subsidies are coming! Don’t miss out contact us today to learn the conditions.

Gold Coast Energy Solar Servicing


Did you know we are not just solar installers; we are a servicing company as well. Unlike some solar companies, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service throughout your solar journey, from installation and beyond. Our team of experts will assist with all aspects of your system, we advise you on the best way to maintain and get the most out of your solar investment. Gold Coast Energy delivers the highest level of service at affordable prices. After a service, it is not uncommon for most people to see an improvement on their next bill, anywhere from $50-$150.

Gold Coast Energy Solar Technology


We do solar 24/7, which means we are always keeping up to date with the latest solar technology and innovation. Gold Coast Energy is an industry leader and we proudly align ourselves with supply partners that deliver the latest technology and industry leading warranties. When you choose Gold Coast Energy you are guaranteed the best solar products, technology and service available, we also offer innovative monitoring options so you can see exactly how your system is working.

Gold Coast Energy Commercial Solar


As electricity prices continue to soar, energy expenses remain the number one cost for a business. Commercial solar has become a must for any business looking to improve its carbon footprint and profitability. We can tailor a solar system for your business needs, so you start saving from day one. In fact, commercial solar power systems ROI has the system paying for itself within 3 – 5 years! Ask us about the current government rebates available, which can cover from 30-50% of your commercial solar project.

Gold Coast Energy Solar Savings


The Solar Credits program is part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. The Solar Credits rebate applies to new installations and offers home owners significant savings, depending on their solar system. Both NSW and QLD residents are currently offered a feed-in tariff rate, where the energy provider will pay you for the excess solar electricity you feed back into the grid. As industry experts we can show you how much you can save and the current government rebates available to you.

Why Choose Us

Gold Coast Energy has been installing and servicing roof top solar in SE Qld and Northern NSW for over 8 years. We are firmly positioned as an industry leader and one of the most established solar companies in Australia.
When you choose Gold Coast Energy you will have peace of mind you are receiving the latest and very best technology and products. We treat you as an individual, from a complete assessment of your individual needs, to installation and servicing, our team of industry expert’s care about your solar system and working to achieve the best results for you, at the most competitive prices.


Tesla Energy Authorised Reseller and Certified Installer

The buzz of excitement generated around Tesla Energy and the Powerwall in Australia, has been building over the last 12 months, with the Tesla Powerwall.

The Cleaner Your Panels are, The Cheaper the Power!

When you decided to install solar, it wasn’t a decision you would have taken lightly. After all it is your home or business that you are adding a long term investment to.

Why Your Business Needs Solar Power

Still on the fence about moving your organisation’s premises to solar power? With energy costs on the rise and the environment in the public spotlight, there’s never been a better time to make this smart shift.

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