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Solar System Service Gold Coast


Gold Coast Energy provides more than just an installation service. We pride ourselves in ensuring your Solar System performs at its peak capability throughout its lifetime. We do this through high quality solar system servicing. All customers, whether new or existing, are eligible for this. Even if we didn’t install your solar system, we are more than happy to provide solar system servicing. We want to ensure the safety of all residents by inspecting any under performing or faulty solar system.


When it comes to solar system servicing, our experienced team are ready to assist you with queries on:

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar system servicing on ALL brands, makes and models of Inverters and Solar Panels
  • Process Warranty Claims


solar system servicing

Gold Coast Energy has 10 years of experience. This extensive knowledge with solar systems and product fault codes allows us to immediately identify what the product issue is and how to troubleshoot. We also know what solar brands are still around and what specific solar parts can be replaced.

Affordable Solutions

solar system servicing

We don’t believe in recommending entirely new solar systems when a simple part replace can solve the issue. As we have been in the solar industry for 10 years, we have access to older systems to help repair your system rather than replace. This will ultimately save you more money in the long term. We also process and help you with any insurance claims you may have.


solar system servicing | GCE

Gold Coast Energy has access to extensive diagnostic tools that will help identify exactly what is wrong with your solar system. This ensures we can recommend the most effective and cost-friendly solutions to get your system up and running again.

Solar System Servicing Process

Gold Coast Energy is happy to assist you with any of your servicing needs. The servicing process is easy to follow, and we go out of our way to ensure any major servicing faults are resolved as quickly as possible to get your system back to its maximum efficiency. Servicing can be organized by following these simple steps below:


Step One

Phone call to our friendly service team is made. Our team will then assess what service may be required on the phone with you. During the phone call, our service team will help you perform simple troubleshooting steps. We will ensure you are able to perform a safe shutdown/restart process on your inverter as we follow strict safety procedures. This system restart will result in a fault code being displayed on the inverter which will help our team identify what they problem is. If the inverter is found to be not working an immediate site booking will be organised for you.

Step Two

Our service team will then find out if the faulty product is still under warranty. If so, we will follow the warranty process of that product’s manufacturer. If the product is not found to be under warranty, a site visit will be organised and our qualified technician will assess your solar system. This assessment will allow us to identify the most efficient and cost-effective method to fixing the product issue.

Step Three

Our qualified technicians service the Gold Coast area daily, which means we will be able to organise a site visit to your property within the week. We will also check to see if we can fit your service in with their run when you call. If this can be worked into the service run, we will organise a site visit that same day. We will endeavour to ensure our qualified technician is at your site as soon as possible as servicing your solar system is a priority with GCE.

Step Four

Once the appropriate inspection has been conducted, we will advise what steps need to be taken to resolve the system issue. We will then take the necessary steps to fix your solar system. Please note that our dedication to ensuring your system is performing correctly doesn’t stop here. We are dedicated to servicing your solar for life. No servicing issue is too big or too small and our friendly service team is always happy to take your calls.

Solar Service Recommendations


We follow the recommendation of the CEC Guidelines and advise you to have an audit and clean service conducted on your system yearly. This service will ensure that you continue to get the maximum out of your panels during their lifetime.

Inverter & Solar System Troubleshooting Solutions


Gold Coast Energy can provide you with troubleshooting solutions if your system isn’t performing as it should be. In the time that we have been installing solar power systems, since 2008, we have seen almost all makes and models of solar panels and inverters in the market. Our experience and familiarity with product knowledge gives us the tools for quick and accurate diagnosis.

Services We Provide


At Gold Coast Energy, we are proud to be one of the first companies in Australia to invest in a solar panel output tester. We have been testing and auditing solar panels since 2011. Our service comes with reports that are necessary to claim warranty on an underperforming equipment. Warranty covers installation of all new panels free of charge. We currently one main service for your solar systems.


Solar System Audit

If you suspect underperforming solar panels, we can complete a solar system audit for you. Our qualified electrician will visit you and perform a full check on your system. He will run tests and check that all cabling, fasteners & connectors are correct and that the system is to standard. He will then give us his findings and we will email you a report.


Eligibility for Solar Panel Warranty

Generally, if the production of any solar panel has fallen below 80% and if the system is under 10 years old, the equipment can be replaced under warranty.


For more information or to request a Solar System Audit, contact us today on 5559 4700.