Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Installation 300kW

Take control of your energy with solar and storage

Businesses can achieve greater control, reliability and security with our solar power system and storage solution.

Learn more about why businesses and corporate boards are realising the appealing financial benefits of shaving peak energy usage and lower demand charges.

We’re currently serving these sectors:

  • Local Businesses & Enterprise
  • Retirement & Aged Care
  • Education
  • Government
  • Recreational Facilities & Services

Interested in evaluating the viability of a solar power system for your business?

After reviewing your businesses energy usage from your power bill and conducting a site inspection, we provide you with a custom made financial analysis, showing you the estimated performance of a solar power system over the next 25 years.

What Customers are saying about Gold Coast Energy

"I was extremely happy with the level of service and communication that I received from Gold Coast Energy, right from my initial contact through to all the team members that I worked with on the job. I didn’t really know much about solar energy but you were very knowledgeable and helped me through the process step by step. Everyone was fantastic to deal with and I will certainly be recommending you in the future."

Tesla Energy Authorised Reseller and Certified Installer

The buzz of interest and excitement generated around Tesla Energy and the Powerwall in Australia, has been building over the last 12 months, with the Tesla Powerwall.

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The cleaner your panels are, the cheaper the power!

When you decided to install solar, it wasn’t a decision you would have taken lightly. After all it is your home or business that you are adding a long term investment to.

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Why Your Business Needs Solar Power

Still on the fence about moving your organisation’s premises to solar power? With energy costs on the rise and the environment in the public spotlight.

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