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Batteries for Solar Energy Systems

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Tesla Powerwall powering a home at night

Batteries for Solar Storage

Not home during the day to receive the benefits of the solar energy created? Energy costs at night increase when you are home! Batteries for solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. Installing a solar battery, such as the Tesla Batteries or LG Chem batteries can help ease energy costs. We can provide you with a custom battery solution based on your energy needs. Most homes usually consume the largest amount of electricity at night, so take a moment to imagine how good it would be storing your excess solar energy from the day to use in the evenings. You’ll never have to worry about trying to get the most out of your solar system during daylight hours.


Battery Technology Advancing

Battery technology is revolutionising solar energy storage.  There has never been a better time to take advantage of the benefits a solar battery can provide your home. Batteries are now more affordable, and come with convenient installation options (either wall mount or standing in most cases). Solar batteries are also more compact and lighter, meaning they won’t be an eyesore for you, your family and any guests you may be entertaining. Gold Coast Energy can provide a range of batteries for your storage needs. We are one of the few solar energy providers on the Gold Coast that can offer the extensive range of Tesla batteries, including the Tesla Powerwall 2. Our battery offerings also include high-quality models from Delta, BYD, GoodWe, Enphase, and sonnenBatterie, ensuring we can deliver the best energy storage solutions for your home or business.


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By installing a solar battery system:

  1.  You can store your solar power
  2.  Further reduce your power bills
  3.  Gain more energy independence

A solar battery system will also provide you with an uninterruptible power system, so that if an outage occurs, your system automatically switches to the battery supply for continuous power.

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Batteries for Solar we provide…

  • Tesla Powerwall (Certified Installer)
  • Enphase
  • Delta
  • GoodWe
  • BYD
  • sonnenBatterie
Batteries for Solar | Gold Coast Energy
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