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Massive fail AC Micro Inverter warranty 25 years

  • Posted by: Nicole
  • Category: Blog


The majority of AC micro inverters which are fitted to the back of the solar panels are guaranteed to last for 25 years. There is no Micro inverter out there in the world market place that has lasted this long even in a laboratory.

On a 5 KW solar system there will be about 10 Micro inverters installed and each inverter has about 20 parts inside of it.

If you are considering installing an AC solar power system with the addition of monitoring on your house then consider the facts about AC micro inverters being unproven and most likely make sure you do not have to pay for the installers to come back to replace in about 5 years time when they stop working.

The labour cost to change a micro inverter will be significantly more than a standard inverter so do your research and use common sense if you really think that these inverters can last out side in our environment for 25 years.

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