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Solar Batteries Guide

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Solar Batteries Guide

  • Posted by: Nicole
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Solar Battery Guide | GCE

Solar Batteries - Are They Worth It?

Solar Batteries are an ever advancing technology within the solar industry. With the increase in popularity, the question still remains whether or not solar batteries are a worthwhile investment for you, your home and/or your business. One thing that may stop you from purchasing a solar battery is a lack of understanding on how they can benefit you and your solar system. We get it, solar energy research can sometimes be as riveting as watching grass grow (but don’t tell Greg that!) That’s where we come in. We hope that by the time you finish reading, you’ll know the ins and outs of batteries and will be able to make an informed choice on whether or not it is a purchase you should consider. First thing to cover is how solar batteries fit in to a solar system.

How do Batteries Work?

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As you can see from this info-graphic above, batteries fit quite seamlessly into any solar system.

Normally, on a system without a battery, excess energy that is generated is sent to the grid during daylight hours. Then at night, when no energy is being produced, energy is drawn from the grid in order to power your appliances/home. This is a very straightforward and simple process, the only problem occurs when energy you draw from the grid is more than energy you send, meaning you get less return on investment through feed-in tariffs. If your household consumes large amounts of electricity, this is where a solar battery may be a smart investment choice.

On a solar system with a battery installed, the process is slightly different. Excess energy you produce during the day, is sent to your solar battery first until it is at full capacity. After your battery is fully charged, any excess energy produced is then sent to the grid. At night, energy is first drawn from the solar battery until it is completely empty, then if power is still required, it will be drawn from the grid. The potential positive impact a battery has on your solar system is that if you are only producing enough energy to rely on your solar battery, your energy bill for each quarter will be $0 (you read that right). Not to mention if you can operate purely on your solar battery, whilst still sending excess energy to the grid, your solar system will in fact make you money! Talk about a smart investment.

So now that we’ve discussed how it works, let’s talk about why you should seriously consider installing a solar battery.

Why Choose Solar Batteries?

Solar Battery | GCE
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Monitoring: Most solar batteries (Tesla, LG, Enphase) will all offer monitoring software that can be easily accessed via phone or PC. You’ll be able to check how much energy your solar battery is producing/storing all with real-time reports. Imagine if energy companies gave you the option to constantly check your energy production so that you could make smarter energy decisions. You’ll be able to know exactly when you need to limit the amount of energy your household or business produces with these state of the art monitoring software applications. Accessing it via phone also means you can check on your battery anytime and anywhere, how good is that? These reports will also allow you to notice any potential dips in performance, meaning you can act quickly by calling Gold Coast Energy if you notice your battery is performing abnormally (we can check on your battery remotely with this software as well).

Cost: As with most things, the cost of solar batteries have significantly reduced over the past decade. As technology gets better, and more companies begin producing batteries, the cost continues to drop. The good thing with batteries and Gold Coast Energy is that we offer finance on all solar systems with batteries included. You won’t have to worry about the cost as you get to enjoy the numerous benefits that come with your self-sufficient solar system (including never having to worry about receiving your energy bill). Our qualified electricians will be able to set up your battery easily and quickly on the day of installation meaning you get to enjoy your system at its best from day one.

Independence: By installing a solar battery, you grant your home or business complete energy independence. In the event of a lightning storm or power outage, your home/business will still be able to produce energy, thanks to your battery. You never have to worry about losing power again. We understand how much of a hassle energy outages can be, whether it be expiring produce or loss of trade. You’ll be able to continue to function with solar batteries. Imagine if your business was the only one still operating during the time of a blackout? Expect to see big sales! Not only that but customers will know you’re reliable and a smart decision maker because you invested in solar.


There it is folks, everything you need to know about batteries (well all the fun stuff anyway). If you were umming and ahhing about purchasing a battery, we hope this guide has helped you to make an informed decision. Once you’re ready to install, give us a call on 5559 4701 and we will be more then happy to help you select and install the solar battery that fits your energy needs.