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Trust Gold Coast Energy to fix your Fronius Inverter

  • Posted by: Nicole
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Trust Gold Coast Energy to fix your Fronius Inverter

As we discussed in our previous partner profile, Fronius is a well-renowned manufacturer of solar power products. But even the best systems and inverters aren’t immune to the occasional fault. In today’s blog post, we’ll go into more detail about how our partnership with this company can benefit you if something goes wrong with your Fronius inverter.

Discovering that your Fronius Inverter has a fault

Fronius inverters are built with a unique feature to alert you if any kind of fault is detected in your solar system. It does so by displaying an error state and code number on the inverter screen – this is a rare occurrence, so it’s definitely something you would notice! This error message doesn’t just alert you to the presence of a problem; it also provides valuable information for our service technician so he can understand exactly what’s wrong.

How our technicians solve the problem

Gold Coast Energy technicians have been trained and approved to work on Fronius systems, so you can look forward to an efficient, professional service. Your technician will arrive with a service kit, which allows him to repair the unit on site. This is typically done by replacing the faulty part (as indicated by the error code).

Other companies’ systems sometimes need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair and then returned to you for reinstallation. As you can imagine, this process can take weeks or even months and is far from convenient. By comparison, having one of our Fronius-approved technicians come to you and solve the problem immediately is a simple and stress-free solution.

Special circumstances

While most common issues are easily remedied as described above, there are also some rare faults that can’t be fixed instantly. Don’t panic – in such cases, we are able to have the necessary part(s) expedited and shipped, typically allowing the technician to complete the replacement service within 24-48 hours. Just like us, Fronius has an excellent reputation for resolving issues in a timely manner!

When you contact us about your Fronius inverter, be sure to take note of when you originally purchased the unit. Depending on your specific product’s warranty, most repairs and replacements are covered by Fronius for the first 10 years – so our service may not even cost you a cent